Key events in 2019 for the sports of TWG

Key events in 2019 for the sports of TWG

For the sports federations that are members of the International World Games Association, 2019 is going to be a key year. The sports that have been invited to take part in the next edition of The World Games in Birmingham, Alabama in 2021 will be starting to plan in detail how best to showcase their sport. For some of the athletes their road to Birmingham starts now. Beach Handball has already confirmed their initial qualifying places when their World Championship ended in July. There will be other qualifying spots available this year in Orienteering, Korfball and Muaythai. The latter sport is returning home to Thailand, where the martial art originated. Other members of The World Games family will have their eyes on the biggest stage of all and will be striving to secure their place at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Unsurprisingly, Japan will be staging major competitions in Baseball, Surfing, Sport Climbing and Karate which will all be awarding Olympic medals in two year’s time, together with Skateboarding.

Fans of multi-sport events who also enjoy beach holidays will be spoilt for choice this year with major events taking place in Barcelona, Lima and San Diego. The Spanish city will host the second edition of the World Roller Games, which is a celebration of every sport that is performed on roller skates. Medals will be awarded in eleven sports, including The World Games disciplines of Roller Hockey, Artistic Skating and Speed Skating. The latter two along with Skateboarding make up the three roller sports that will be contested in the Peruvian capital, as part of the Pan American Games. Gold medals will also be presented in Baseball & Softball, Bodybuilding, 10 Pin Bowling, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline, Karate, Racquetball, Rugby 7s, Squash, Surfing, Waterskiing and Wakeboard.

The Pan American Games represents the first chance to see how the American athletes fare against their rivals in many sports that will be part of the Birmingham 2021 sports programme. As host nation, USA is guaranteed representation in most sports that are part of The World Games in 2021. This is the first time The World Games returns to the USA since the first edition held in Santa Barbara in 1981, so when the 2021 edition of The World Games is declared open, it will be like celebrating a homecoming.

The World Games has compiled a list of the most important dates throughout the year, so that you will not miss any of the action. For many sports the most important event will be the World Championship. Where 2019 is a non-World Championship year for the sport concerned, then a suitable Continental Championship or age group World Championship has been selected instead. For a series of events, the final one in the series was chosen.


January No event listed


14-23 Buenos Aires Argentina IWWF Wakeboard Cable World Championship

23-02 Chicago USA PSA Squash World Championship



04-11 Cordoba Argentina CMSB Boules Raffa World Championship



20-06 Sheffield UK WCBS Snooker World Championship



01-05 Almeria Spain CMSB Boules Petanque World Championship



01-02 London UK World Rugby Rugby 7s Series (Men)

03-15 Helsingborg Sweden IPF Classic Powerlifting World Championship

15-16 Biarritz France World Rugby Rugby 7s Series (Women)

30-14 Barcelona Spain World Skate World Roller Games



12-21 Liverpool UK INF Netball World Championship

13-20 Heidelberg Germany Ultimate World Championships U24

26-11 Lima Peru Pan American Games

28-04 Sharm El Sheikh Egypt CMAS Finswimming Junior World Championship



01-10 Durban South Africa IKF Korfball World Championship

01-10 Peterborough Canada FIL Lacrosse Womens U19 World Championship

11-17 Winterhur IFA Fistball World Championship

11-17 Irvine USA WBSC Softball U19 World Championship

12-17 Ostfold Norway IOF Orienteering World Championship

12-18 Putrajaya Malaysia IWWF Waterski World Championship

19-28 Bangkok Thailand IFMA Muaythai World Championship

22-30 Las Vegas World Bowling 10 Pin Bowling Womens World Championship

28-01 Coimbra Portugal ICF Canoe Polo European Championship



04-08 Castlebar Ireland TWIF Tug of War European Championship +U23 World Championship

04-08 Hluboka Czechia ICSF Casting World Championship

07-08 Prilep Macedonia FAI Drone Racing World Cup

07-15 Miyazaki Japan ISA World Surfing Games

14 Ashdod Israel WDSF 10 Dance World Championship

16-22 Baku Azerbaijan FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship

30-05 Brezice Slovenia World Archery Field Archery Euros



19 Leipzig Germany WDSF Standard Dance World Championship

19-27 Sarajevo Bosnia WAKO Kickboxing World Championship

17-20 Shaoxing China ICF Canoe Marathon World Championship



03-08 Sarasota USA WFDF Ultimate Frisbee PanAmericans

05-10 UAE IFBB Bodybuilding Mens World Championship

09-16 San Jose Costa Rica IRF Racquetball Junior World Championship

10-16 Dubai UAE IPF Open Powerlifting World Championship

14-24 Abu Dhabi UAE JJIF Ju-Jitsu World Championship

11-17 Tokyo Japan WBSC Baseball Premier 12

16-18 Guangzhou China IFSC International Climbing Series

19-23 Lyon France CMSB Boules Lyonnaise World Championship

20-24 Pretoria South Africa FAI World Cup of Canopy Piloting

23-01 Antalya Turkey WAKO Kickboxing World Championship

21-23 Leeds UK ILS Commonwealth Festival of Lifesaving

26-30 Randers Denmark World ChampionshipBS 3 Cushion Billiards World Championship

29-01 Madrid Spain WKF Karate 1 Premier League

28-01 Tokyo Japan FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Championship



07-15 Neuchatel Switzerland IFF Floorball Womens World Championship

??-?? Doha Qatar World ChampionshipBS 9 Ball Pool World Championship



Hawaii USA IFS Sumo World Championship


Brian Salmon for The World Games

 The World Games is a multi-sport event staged every four years by the International World Games Association under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee. The 11th edition of The World Games will be held in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, 15-25 July 2021. 3,600 athletes from over 30 sports and 100 countries will take part in the Games.