Anticipating the multitude of trajectories that a squash ball can take is immensely challenging. Locked in combat on an enclosed glass court, the players strike the ball either directly onto the front wall or use the side or rear walls to create subtle winning shots, impossible for the opponent to return. A finely tuned spatial sense is imperative just to avoid collisions with the other opponent on the court. To win demands power, precision, instant tactical analysis – and the stamina to bring it all together. Top-level squash is like playing chess with a racquet.

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The World Games 2013

Women's Semifinal: Grinham (Netherlands) -- Wee (Malyasia) 3:1

Medal Results Cali 2013

Squash Single Men

  1. 1. Gregory GAULTIER - FRA
  2. 2. Simon ROSNER - GER
  3. 3. Miguel Angel RODRIGUEZ - COL

Squash Single Women

  1. 1. Nicol DAVID - MAS
  2. 2. Natalie GRINHAM - NED
  3. 3. Camille SERME - FRA

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