Sustainability at the IWGA

Sustainability is one of the core values on which the IWGA was founded. Subsequently, the IWGA joined the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework (UNFCCC) in May 2020 as well as Sport and Sustainability International to address the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and combat climate change.

Since the first edition of The World Games, we have implemented a unique venue approach, based on a complete personalisation to the host city characteristics and the principle of sustainability as a driving force. Our goal is to adapt the sports programme to the existing or temporary infrastructure, to limit the impact of the event on the environment, at the same time creating the best possible experience for athletes and fans.

For more information, read the IWGA Sustainability Strategy for The World Games or contact [email protected].

Sustainability at TWG 2022

The IWGA and Birmingham Organizing Committee (BOC) decided to address seven SDGs for The World Games 2022. The World Games 2022 was the first event with an extensive sustainability report, setting the benchmark for future events.

Sustainability at TWG 2025

The sustainability strategy of the Chengdu Organising Committee for The World Games 2025 will follow the new IWGA Sustainability Strategy  for The World Games and will be released in August 2024.