A trendy variation of the traditional Olympic sport, beach handball fits in perfectly with lifestyle and beach cultures. Played on sand by teams of four, and with another four substitute players per team, the action on the small court is fast – at times even furious. Extra points are awarded for particularly spectacular goals: for those scored in-flight, through a penalty or by a goalkeeper. Games go over two halves - or sets - of ten minutes each. And there is always a winner in beach handball: a “golden goal” rule applies in a draw for the half. Should each team win one half, the game is decided by a “shoot-out.” One field player goes up against the goalie.

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VI Beach Handball World Championships

Highlights of the Beach Handball World Championships 2014

Medal Results Wrocław 2017

Beach Team Men

  1. 1. BRA
  2. 2. CRO
  3. 3. QAT

Beach Team Women

  1. 1. BRA
  2. 2. ARG
  3. 3. ESP

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