TWG 2025 Chengdu, CHN

Background for TWG2025


A Major Power in Sport

The 12th edition of The World Games will take place on 07-17 August 2025. The host city will be the megacity Chengdu in the People's Republic of China. The guidelines of the IWGA strategy paper ‘Growth Beyond Excellence’, adopted in November 2020, will be applied for the first time at TWG 2025. For the third time in the history of The World Games since 1981, the multi-sport event is a guest in Asia.

The postponement of the eleventh edition of The World Games in Birmingham, Alabama, by one year to 07-17 July 2022, will not affect the preparation and staging of the Games in Chengdu, a city of 20 million people in the south-west of China. Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province and is also well known as the ‘home’ of the panda bear.

On Thursday 9 May 2019, in Gold Coast, Australia, the Mayor of Chengdu, Mr Luo Qiang, signed the Organiser Agreement for TWG 2025. The Vice President of IOC and the Chinese Olympic Committee, Mr Yu Zaiqing, signed the agreement as Witness. President José Perurena signed on behalf of the International World Games Association. This was preceded by ratification of the contract by the 37 member federations of the IWGA during the Annual General Meeting at the SportAccord Convention in Gold Coast.

IWGA President José Perurena described his expectations: “By signing a contract with one of the most forward-looking and dynamic cities in China, we have signalled our arrival as a major power in international sport.” Chengdu’s Mayor, Mr Luo Qiang, said: “Chengdu strongly appreciates the concept of the IWGA and believe that it is in line with Chengdu's development philosophy. We are confident that, under the guidance of the IWGA and the support from the Chinese Olympic Committee and governments of all levels, Chengdu can offer the world a successful and excellent World Games, and a precious legacy to Chengdu and The World Games.”

Growth Beyond Excellence

The strategy paper ‘Growth Beyond Excellence’ sets the guidelines with regard to the sports programme and the number of participants. The maximum permitted number (including athletes and technical officials) for the sports programme of TWG 2025 and onwards will be increased from 4200 to 5000. In principle, this number will include 4000 participants proposed by the IWGA Member Federations.

The remaining 1000 participants will be divided as follows:

  • 400 participants in disciplines determined in consultation with the Host City
  • 400 participants from disciplines determined in consultation with the IOC
  • 200 participants from para-disciplines that are not included in the programme of the Paralympic Games, determined in consultation with the IPC.

The process of deciding on the sports programme for The World Games 2025 will start immediately after The World Games 2022. Qualifications - for which the member federations will be responsible - will begin in the following year. As with TWG 2022, the Madrid-based company ISB will be responsible for the production of the TV signal and the international marketing of the TV rights. The official timekeeper will be Swiss Timing, as it has been for the Games since 2009.

The city already has the necessary infrastructure to host an event the size of The World Games. Following the principles of the IWGA, the construction of new sports facilities is not necessary. Chengdu organised the World Police and Fire Games in 2019 and looks forward to hosting the FISU Summer University Games in 2023.

“Hosting TWG 2025 will further facilitate sports culture development in Chengdu, strengthen external cooperation and international exchange, and promote the development of non-Olympic sports in China,” said the Director General of the Chengdu Sports Bureau, Ms Xiong Yan.

IWGA President José Perurena adds: “Our philosophy is highly aligned with the urban development strategy of Chengdu. This is an open and inclusive international city. Our heart beats in the same rhythm: we advocate the integration and communication of diverse cultures in The World Games family.”