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Learn more about Canoe Polo and Canoe Marathon.

Good to know

Canoe Polo is quite a young sport. It was not until 1986 that the International Canoe Federation (ICF) published its first set of universal playing rules for the discipline. The following year Canoe Polo was demonstrated at the Canoe Sprint World Championships in Duisburg, Germany, and in 1990 the ICF finalised their international rules for Canoe Polo.

Fun Fact

Canoe Marathon is not only about water and paddling. The races include so called portaging, which is the practice of carrying the canoe over land, around an obstacle.

On the programme of The World Games

2022 Birmingham, USA

2017 Wrocław, POL

2013 Cali, COL

  • Marathon (invitational)
  • Polo

2009 Kaohsiung, TPE

  • Dragon Boat (invitational)
  • Polo

2005 Duisburg, GER

  • Dragon Boat (invitational)
  • Polo

A Beginners' Guide to Canoe

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Medal Results Wrocław 2017

Polo Team Men

  1. 1. GER
  2. 2. ITA
  3. 3. ESP

Polo Team Women

  1. 1. GER
  2. 2. FRA
  3. 3. ITA

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