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Good to know

Breaking – for the first time in the programme of TWG 2021 – was performed at the Youth Olympics 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Fun Fact

The World Games 2013 set a world record in DanceSport: 17,000 spectators flocked to the Cali bullfighting ring on each of two consecutive nights to watch the competitions.

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Medal Results Wrocław 2017

Latin Couple Mixed

  1. 1. MDA
  2. 2. RUS
  3. 3. FRA

Rock 'n' Roll Couple Mixed

  1. 1. POL
  2. 2. RUS
  3. 3. GER

Salsa Couple Mixed

  1. 1. COL
  2. 2. COL
  3. 3. ITA

Standard Couple Mixed

  1. 1. GER
  2. 2. RUS
  3. 3. LTU

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