Orienteering is the also called the “thinking sport”, because navigating through open country challenges the mind as well as the body. While running, the athletes consult the map and use a compass to decide in split seconds which route is best to get from one control point to the next. The detailed map shows the controls and indicates the types of terrain the athletes have to contend with. Rough ground, dense forest, steep hills – it is cross country in the true sense of the word. In orienteering, the clock is the judge. Fastest time wins! And electronic equipment verifies that the athletes have passed all control points.

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Athlete of the Month 2018

Orieteering athlete Daniel Hubmann from Switzerland is The World Games Athlet...

Medal Results Wrocław 2017

Orienteering Middle-Distance Men

  1. 1. Matthias KYBURZ - SUI
  2. 2. Florian HOWALD - SUI
  3. 3. Vojtech KRAL - CZE

Orienteering Middle-Distance Women

  1. 1. Helena JANSSON - SWE
  2. 2. Natalia GEMPERLE - RUS
  3. 3. Sabine HAUSWIRTH - SUI

Orienteering Sprint Men

  1. 1. Jerker LYSELL - SWE
  2. 2. Yannick MICHIELS - BEL
  3. 3. Matthias KYBURZ - SUI

Orienteering Sprint Women

  1. 1. Maja ALM - DEN
  2. 2. Elena ROOS - SUI
  3. 3. Lina STRAND - SWE

Orienteering Sprint Relay Mixed

  1. 1. DEN
  2. 2. SUI
  3. 3. RUS


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