Future Host City Election

The World Games are a journey together, in which IWGA and the host cities work in a coordinated way to adapt the event to local characteristics and benefit its communities for years to come. Thanks to the expertise and knowledge of the IWGA, participating federations and partners, your city will enjoy a multitude of short and long-term benefits at different levels.  

The candidature process timeline is aimed to achieve fully efficiency, and total transparency, so that every applicant’s file has a fair chance when it is evaluated and considered. For a city to host The World Games, the process is split into four stages:

Interested Cities

Preliminary and informal conversations between the IWGA and interested cities may happen at any time. We work together with all Interested Cities to ensure that they are ready to host The World Games, before the formal process begins.

Applicant and Candidate Cities

Cities interested in hosting The World Games need to present their vision and their Games' concept. With sustainability being one of the core values of the IWGA, the project shall match your long-term sports, economic, social and environmental planning. The ultimate goal is to achieve excellence and deliver the best experience for athletes, Sports Federations, the local community and fans from all over the world.

Our support to every potential host city starts from the early stages of the candidature process, to ensure the viability of the project from the very beginning. We understand that applying for a global multi-sport event can be extremely challenging; for that reason, every city interested in hosting The World Games will receive assistance from the IWGA jointly constructing the best possible candidacy.

Once the first draft application form was filled, a city is entitled to name itself a candidate city that can be selected by the IWGA Executive Committee and ratified by the Annual General Meeting.

Host City

Once the rights to host The World Games are awarded, the Host City will start creating a Local Organising Committee (LOC). The LOC will be in charge of preparing The World Games together with the IWGA, International Federations and official partners.

More information can be found in these documents.