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Good to know

In the public perception, Sumo is associated with heavyweight athletes. But there are also lightweight classes, -85 kg for men and -65 kg for women. In the Open class, athletes of all weight classes compete against each other.
At TWG 2017 the 25-year-old lightweight Batyr Altyev from Russia took his chance fighting in the Open weight class, and he made it to the final. What a success! Finally, he lost against his compatriot, the 140 kg Heavyweight champion Vasilii Margiev. But nevertheless, it was an outstanding success for the lightweight.

Fun Fact

Prior to starting their bout in the ring – the ‘dohyo’ made of sand and clay – both sumo wrestlers, or ‘rikishi’, go through ancient ceremonial preparations. They clap their hands to “awaken the gods”, they toss salt into the ring for its purification, and they stamp their feet to “crush all that's evil”.
There are 82 ki-ma-ri-te, or ways of winning the match. Although most athletes use the common methods of pushing or forcing the opponent out of the dohyo, there are some unusual methods in which the rikishi is flipped over or crushed after losing sight
of the opponent, making the match very exciting to watch.

On the programme of The World Games

2022 Birmingham, USA

2017 Wrocław, POL

2013 Cali, COL

2009 Kaohsiung, TPE

2005 Duisburg, GER

2001 Akita, JPN

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Medal Results Wrocław 2017

Sumo Heavyweight Men

  1. 1. Vasilii MARGIEV - RUS
  2. 2. Ramy BELAL - EGY
  3. 3. So-ichiro KUROKAWA - JPN

Sumo Heavyweight Women

  1. 1. Anna POLIAKOVA - RUS
  2. 2. Olga DAVYDKO - RUS
  3. 3. Viparat VITUTEERASAN - THA

Sumo Lightweight Men

  1. 1. Batyr ALTYEV - RUS
  2. 2. Trent SABO - USA
  3. 3. Pawel WOJDA - POL

Sumo Lightweight Women

  1. 1. Svitlana TROSIUK - UKR
  2. 2. Luciana MONTGOMERY - BRA
  3. 3. Magdalena MACIOS - POL

Sumo Middleweight Men

  1. 1. Atsamaz KAZIEV - RUS
  2. 2. Misbah HOSSAM - EGY
  3. 3. Usukhbayar OCHIRKHUU - MGL

Sumo Middleweight Women

  1. 1. Munkhtsetseg OTGON - MGL
  2. 2. Asano OTA - JPN
  3. 3. Maryna MAKSYMENKO - UKR

Sumo Open Weight Men

  1. 1. Vasilii MARGIEV - RUS
  2. 2. Batyr ALTYEV - RUS
  3. 3. Hayato MIWA - JPN

Sumo Open Weight Women

  1. 1. Anna POLIAKOVA - RUS
  2. 2. Ivanna BEREZOVSKA - UKR
  3. 3. Olga DAVYDKO - RUS

Most successful athletes of Sumo


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