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Let´s Shuffle!

  The response we have received with #DontStopDancing is very touching indeed. It´s   great and hopeful to watch you all dancing at home. For all of us, this migh...

You Did It!

Maybe we have had a bit of fear, that sad and dangerous world will press its thumb on us and force us to give up.  We just had a bit of hope, that we will stay strong. We just had a bit of ...

AGM 2020 in Belgrade adjourned

In light of global precautions for COVID-19, which the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a pandemic on 11 March, the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) decided today to adjourn its 2020 A...

#DontStopDancing is here!

Challenge for all of us: stay home, safe from corona, and spread #DontStopDancing! Sometimes we might dream that the world stops for a moment. But when it really happens, we wanted it to be sto...

Changes in competition calendar due to coronavirus

Postponing or eventually cancelling of events at this point are decisions made by the local organisers, based on recommendations and measures taken by their national governments. The WDSF is de...



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