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Maison du Sport International
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Branch Office:
Calle Oriente 78-84
Floor 1, Office 12
08172 Sant Cugat

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Trying The Impossible

Let’s start off with the good news: Farhad, aka B-Boy Syko, from Afghanistan made it to Stage Two of Breaking for Gold, the qualifying for the  Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. ...

Johor Bahru, MAS

The 2017 World Cup Standard takes place this Saturday in Johor Bahru, MAS, after the 2014 Asian Pacific DanceSport Championships were held there successfully three years earlier. Organiser of t...

On To Stage Two

The final figures for Stage One of Breaking for Gold were encouraging by all standards: 1050 videos were submitted to the platform through 31 July. 134 had to be rejected on the grounds that the...

CCM TF Announcement

The Presidential Task Force to Combat Competition Manipulation (CCM TF) has held several meetings over three days during and after the German Open Championships 2017 in Stuttgart.In their final...

The Luck of The Irish

As many who were in Stuttgart on 13 August, the day following the 2017 German Open Championships, probably know, the WDSF Sports Director, our colleague Tommy Shaughnessy, had to be taken to a h...


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