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Great Concern

The “Live from Kawasaki” blog was set up in a way that allowed us to incorporate anything (results, photos, info) from anywhere (Tokyo, Moscow, Tbilisi and Olomouc). That’s ref...

Be There LIVE!

A number of WDSF World Championships will take place between 18 and 20 May. And one of them will be an authentic  premiere: the WDSF World Youth Breaking in Kawasaki, JPN.For the first time...

Yep, We Mean You!

With the 2018 World Youth Breaking Championship all of three days away, WDSF calls on all the qualified participants to fill in a short questionnaire. Answers to a few simple questions will help...

Friday 18 May

It will be remembered as the championship that had one of the highest levels of dancing across all rounds. If you look who failed to make the semi-final or what margin separated the places six a...

Live on DST

The one coming up will be an exceptional weekend, with two top events scheduled to be broadcast live on Saturday and Sunday. The pre-screening of the "We dance TOGETHER" documentary tomorrow ev...


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