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B-Girl Nicka, B-Boy Victor earn World Titles, book tickets to Paris 2024

B-Girl Nicka and B-Boy Victor wrote their names into the history books this weekend, becoming the first Breakers from their respective countries – Lithuania and the United States – ...

Meet ITA Educator Derek Ryan at the WDSF World Breaking Championship!

Bram Schellekens, Head of Summer Sports & IF Relations at the International Olympic Committee (Athlete´Apparel) Discover what sets the Olympic Games apart from other internationa...

The 100th Anniversary of Czechoslovak Dance Sport Was Celebrated in Bratislava

 Czechs and Slovaks have been one of the leaders of the European competitive dance in the period between the two world wars. From 1918-1992 these two nations formed Czechoslovakia. The fir...

The DanceSport Community mourns the tragic earthquake in Morocco

The WDSF DanceSport Community mourns the victims of the deadly September 8th earthquake in Morocco which tragically claimed at least 2,000 lives and left many more injured and displaced. WDSF h...

A stronger WDSF

Only WDSF Means IOC Participation for Athletes & Members WDSF has been the leading governing DanceSport body since the 1980s, recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1997. WD...