Chengdu citizens experience archery featured at The World Games 2025

Chengdu citizens experience archery featured at The World Games 2025

From 19 to 20 February, more than a hundred Chengdu citizens weighed into an outdoor activity held at the Chengdu Shooting and Archery Sports School to celebrate the Chinese New Year and experience the appeal of Archery, one of the sports featured on The World Games 2025’s programme.

Participants on-site underwent necessary training under the guidance of professional coaches, including how to draw the bow and release the arrow.

"Archery is very different from what I imagined, but it's fun and I definitely want to try it again," a partaker who got involved in the sport for the first time said surprisingly.

In recent years, Archery has become more and more popular among Chengdu citizens for it can not only enhance the archer's strength of the arms, waist and legs but also help improve their mental focus and concentration.

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