Anti-Doping and values associated with clean sport

Introduction to Anti-Doping

The use of doping substances or doping methods to enhance performance is fundamentally wrong and is detrimental to the spirit of sport. Competing clean is a key principle in preserving the integrity and fairness of sport for the benefit of athletes, coaches and fans alike. However, it also helps to protect your image and, above all, your health. As a clean athlete, you can take pride in your performances.

To achieve integrity and fairness in sport, a commitment to a clean field of play is critical. IWGA seeks to maintain the integrity of The World Games by running a comprehensive anti-doping programme that focuses equally on education/prevention and on testing, with consequent sanctioning of those who break the rules.

Principles and values associated with clean sport

The values of The World Games – excellence, sustainability and inclusiveness – underpin clean and fair sport. Hear from TWG Athlete of the Year 2021 winner PR Sreejesh about the importance of competing clean.