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Media information

For general media inquiries, please contact the IWGA Media and Communication Team: [email protected]

Media and Communication Director

Anna Jacobson: [email protected]

Media and Communication Manager

Camille Bastin: [email protected]

Photos & Videos

To request archive photos and footage, please contact Philipp Doering: [email protected]


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The World Games 2022 Streams

Enjoy the streams from TWG2022 again.

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Up to date through our members

Use our members directory to get to their own media platforms for the most up to date event reporting and digital media.

IWGA photography

High Quality photography

Access a curated and rights-free selection of high quality pictures from all our TWG editions, sports and other IWGA events.

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The World Games Archive

A vast video and image library for all our past TWG editions. Contact us for access.

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The World Games on YouTube

Access all our video series about sports, interviews with athletes and other mini-series.

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Athlete Of The Month

Each month we elect an outstanding athlete or team and dedicate them a short clip of their performance.