Successful June Boat Fair showcases TWG sports and cultural heritage

Successful June Boat Fair showcases TWG sports and cultural heritage

The June Boat Fair, part of the TWG Twelve Monthly Fairs series, took place on 1-2 June in the scenic Huanglongxi area of Shuangliu District near Chengdu, drawing over 80,000 participants. Leveraging the area's rich water recreation resources, the event featured TWG sports demonstrations and activities, including Dragon Boat, Canoe, and MotoSurf.

In addition to sports, the fair offered a variety of cultural experiences. Citizens enjoyed demonstrations of Zongzi-making, a traditional Chinese food, as well as hands-on activities in Chinese mugwort weaving, salted duck egg production, paper dragon boat folding, and sugar painting. The event coincided with the Dragon Boat Festival and International Children's Day, making it a perfect celebration for families.

Children were delighted by a fun fair, which included musical performances, games like clown magic hands, cotton candy making, and bubble blowing. A workshop about TWG knowledge also engaged attendees, offering folk art experience coupons for those who participated in quizzes and video promotions.

The fair was attended by notable officials, including the Deputy Secretary General of the Executive Committee of TWG 2025 and the Director General of Chengdu Municipal Administration of Sport. The event received extensive media coverage, with 50 journalists from 30 outlets reporting and generating nearly 200 online articles, garnering over 2 million hits.

This successful event highlighted the integration of TWG sports with local culture, enhancing public engagement and promoting cultural heritage.

The June Boat Fair not only celebrated sports but also provided a vibrant cultural experience, setting a high standard for the upcoming events in the TWG Twelve Monthly Fairs series.

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