Karlsruhe, GER 1989

I1989-Opening-Samaranchn most of the member federations of the IWGA, the World Games had become the top event on their sports calendar and participants were motivated to qualify for the World Games 1989. When they arrived in the City of Karlsruhe, they noticed that the city and its residents were well prepared for the event.

The publicity for the World Games in Karlsruhe was great, and the citizens were well informed about the event. The dimensions of the city are such that the venues were much closer together than in London and many venues were used by more than one sport discipline.

The Opening Ceremony took place in the fully packed Europahalle with 6000 enthusiastic supporters and competitors. The

World Games were officially opened by Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch, President of the International Olympic Committee, who expressed the wish of the IOC to support the status of the World Games with the patronage of the IOC.

The participants were very much aware that Karlsruhe was the Host City of the World Games 1989. The City Council and its Organizing Committee had ensured that World Games competitors felt welcome in Karlsruhe. For the residents of Karlsruhe, the World Games was a great event with associated entertainment; the very good weather conditions helped to make it a huge festival in the city.

1989-Karlsruhe-OpeningThe competition level was again absolutely top-class. The archer Jay Barrs would certainly agree to that, after winning the Olympic Gold medal in Archery in Seoul in 1988, he now won the World Games Silver medal in Field Archery on the Turmberg in Karlsruhe.

The publicity for media was well organized. The television covered all sports, and programs were broadcast in many countries, so the World Games competitors felt very much respected and left Karlsruhe enormously impressed by the quality of the German organisation. The participants who could attend the great closing ceremony were even more impressed by the quality and creativity of the organisation.

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