“A huge privilege”

“A huge privilege”

It’s three weeks since The World Games 2017. We’ve talked to some athletes and officials to find out their reflections about the Games. This is the second article in the series with several people around the world talking about the Main Event of the year, The World Games in Wroclaw, Poland.

Taking part at The World Games 2017 was a huge privilege. I put lots of effort to fly in to attend and if I could, I would do it all over again. TWG2017 had an impressive Opening Ceremony at the stadium, and being in the middle of the stage, 30,000 people around you, is so far the best feeling of accomplishment in my life.

I would like to thank the organisers for all the hard work and effort they put in. Athletes appreciate it!

Daria Pajak (POL), competed in Bowling


My best memory of TWG2017 has to be walking out into the Stadium for the Opening Ceremony

In our particular discipline of Tenpin Bowling, the actual Event Centre was clean, the tournament well organised and the Management Team were always there to help and guide whatever the need. The Centre was restricted in space with regards to the players’ area and the back of the lanes, but nonetheless, everyone managed.

When you all consider the size and the complexity of this undertaking, you must reflect and say “a job well done”.

Ian Oakley, England Manager and Coach, Bowling


I had never been in such a big event before, neither as a spectator nor athlete. So it was great to see some other sports and compete with so great bowlers. The atmosphere in Wroclaw was nice, so I liked that. I loved that big bowling ball and pins which were next the railway station. It was super!

My best memory from TWG2017 is the doubles day, because we worked so hard with Sanna and we did bowl well and almost got a chance to play for a medal. I also really enjoyed watching Sport Climbing and seeing the town. It was a great experience overall!

I hope to compete in Birmingham 2021, if I get a chance. But I really do wish that bowling would be in the Olympic Games someday.

Eliisa Hiltunen (FIN), competed in Bowling


I had a great time competing in The World Games. It was very cool to be part of such a big event that included so many different sports and athletes.

My favourite part of The World Games was getting to represent my country and compete against the top players in the world.

I would like to thank the organiser and all the staff and volunteers for all their hard work during the Games. They did a great job of making us feel welcome and answering any questions we had throughout the week.

The biggest difference of The World Games from our Bowling World Championships would be all the different sports and athletes that were involved. I loved getting to look at different groups of people and try to guess what sport they play.

I absolutely aim to compete in Birmingham 2021; I would love to get the opportunity to compete in The World Games again!

Danielle McEwan (USA), competed in Bowling