Winner Mascot Contest TWG 2017

Mascots of TWG 2017: Hansel & Gretel

The Wroclaw Organizing Committee has announced the winner of its Mascot Contest: Hansel & Gretel will be the official Mascots for the next edition of The World Games in 2017 in Poland! The winning design was selected by internet users in January and February. The characters from the fairy tale “Hansel & Gretel” topped the poll with 31.1 % of the votes. The designers of the winning image were students from a secondary school in Wroclaw.

Hansell & Gretel: Winner Mascot Contest TWG 2017 Wroclaw

The winning proposal was announced this week during a Gala held at the New Horizons Cinema. The mascot will become a regular feature at every event organized by Wroclaw Organizing Committee.

In total, 620 art works were entered for the contest, from which a jury selected 50 images. Five designs were short-listed for final judging in the contest for the TWG 2017 mascot. The “Lion” was ranked second with 29.9 % of votes. Other mascot designs proposed for TWG 2017 were the Dwarf, a symbol of the city of Wroclaw, (22.3 %), the Bee (11 %) and the Owl-Cat (5.7 %). The online vote was launched in January. It closed on 13 February. The total number of votes cast during the campaign was 15 856.

“The internet users have chosen heroes for our Games. The inhabitants of the city and our guests will identify The World Games 2017 with the characters of Hansel & Gretel. The mascots will bring people together, but they should also be a souvenir for all the people who will be visiting Wroclaw during the Games” explained Piotr Przygonski, the President of the World Games Wroclaw 2017 Committee.

After professional optimization of the design for all the different needs such as merchandise products or animations, the mascots will be ready to be presented by May.” Piotr Przygoński explained during the award ceremony at the New Horizons Cinema. 

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