Sale of The World Games 2017 tickets soon to be launched

Sale of The World Games 2017 tickets soon to be launched

Final preparations are currently underway to begin the sale of tickets for the largest sporting event of the year in Poland - The World Games 2017. From the 20th to the 30th of July, Wrocław will be the proud host city of the 10th edition of this international festival of sport, whose 31 sport disciplines will bring together an estimated 4,000 athletes from around the globe. Four of the TWG2017 disciplines (American football, speedway racing, kickboxing and indoor rowing) were chosen specially by the citizens of Wrocław to be included on the programme as invitational sports.

Tickets will be made available by a renowned ticketing agency for purchase on-line and at a variety of ticket offices around Poland. The beginning of the sales will be announced on the homepage of the IWGA and the local organiser and on all their social media platforms.

A separate pool of tickets has been reserved for members of the international sport federations represented at The World Games 2017, granting them first right of purchase. Depending on the federation, affiliated persons may receive normal entrance passes, VIP tickets or multiple-entrance passes. The Wrocław Organising Committee (WOC) will shortly announce the deadline for federations to purchase tickets from the reserved pool. The WOC will also be prepared to make more tickets available for federation use, if it becomes clear that interest exceeds the size of the current pool.

Ticket prices for the competitions will range from $3 for a single session to $20 for the most locally popular sports. The pricing for the Opening Ceremony will be announced soon.

The WOC has also prepared an offer of half-price tickets, along with discount family passes available to parents with three or more children. Discounted (half-price) tickets may be purchased by full- or part-time students (regardless of age) and by pensioners over the age of 60. As is common in Poland, children up to the age of 6 will be able to enter free of charge.

Special-needs fans may also purchase half-price tickets, and for those who require additional assistance, their assistant will pay a symbolic entrance fee of only 1 Polish Zloty (roughly $0.30).

In some cases, the exact start time of the competitions at some venues may be slightly altered from what has been published up to now.

Tickets will be available for sale within the next few weeks. Follow the IWGA homepage for more information.

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