Kaohsiung, TPE 2009

Koahsiung National StadiumWith the choice of Kaohsiung in Chinese Taipei as the Host City for World Games 2009, the Games went for the second time to the Asian continent. Based on experience in the World Games 2011 in Akita, officials involved in the preparation of event expected similar language difficulties in Kaohsiung. However it proved that the younger generation in particular were capable of communicating adequately in English.

It was also a nice surprise to the athletes when they arrived in Kaohsiung to find that the Organizers had recruited numerous young interpreters who were capable of communicating in English to assist the participants. It was in particular the attitude and enthusiasm of the volunteers that made the World Games 2009 a very enjoyable event for the participants.

Kaohsiung’s is one of the biggest seaports in the world, and the city of Kaohsiung is likewise very sizeable; sport venues were spread over the whole territory of the city, making transport a major challenge for the organizers. The timely bringing into use of the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) certainly helped to solve the transport problems in the huge city.

The newly-built National Stadium was the first stadium in the world to provide its power needs by using solar energy technology. The stadium, shaped like a dragon, was the grand podium for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies with a rich variety of cultural elements. Though not required by the World Games, Kaohsiung constructed the National Stadium, the Arena and the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) to be ready before the opening of the World Games; which both helped to make the World Games 2009 a great event.

The athletes will remember World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung for its marvellous volunteers, who did everything possible to make the World Games 2009 a success for the competitors and the great crowds of spectators.

World Games Plaze fireworks    Kaohsiung Arena

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