Constructive discussions in BHM

Constructive discussions in BHM

The Executive Committee of the IWGA held a meeting in Birmingham, Alabama last week. On the agenda were issues concerning future strategies for The World Games, but also matters such as partnership agreements and plans for celebrating the 40th anniversary of the IWGA’s foundation. “The meeting went very well,” says IWGA CEO Joachim Gossow. “We had many constructive discussions, mainly about strategic, future-oriented issues.” The Executive Committee will hold its next meeting in early February 2019.

Before the Executive Committee meeting, the Coordination Committee for The World Games 2021 had met. The IWGA delegation was led by Vice President Max Bishop, with Honorary President Ron Froehlich, CEO Joachim Gossow, Treasurer Lukas Hinder and Chantal Boehi, General Manager also attending. The delegation of the Birmingham Organising Committee was headed by its Chairman, Jonathan Porter, who was supported by CEO DJ Mackovets with his staff members and service partners.

“The Birmingham Organising Committee reported in detail on the latest situation, and progress made in the different business areas,” Joachim Gossow says. Included in the reports were topics like staffing, volunteer strategy and Bulletin N° 2, which is to be published in 2019. The sports programmes, venues, medical services, transportation and many more items were also discussed, and a number of key decisions taken.

“We were very pleased with the progress made during the second Coordination Committee meeting,” said DJ Mackovets, CEO of The World Games 2021. “From a planning perspective, it is such an advantage to host working sessions like this, as they allow us to address outstanding issues face-to-face.”

“The discussions we had in the Coordination Committee meeting really served to identify the best ways forward on our road to Birmingham 2021,” Joachim Gossow says.


 The World Games is a multi-sport event staged every four years by the International World Games Association under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee. The 11th edition of The World Games will be held in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, 15-25 July 2021. 3,600 athletes from over 30 sports and 100 countries will take part in the Games.

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