“The best of the best athletes”

“The best of the best athletes”

It'€™s two months since The World Games 2017. We'€™ve talked to Muaythai athletes and officials to find out their reflections about the Games. This is the fourth article in the series with people around the world talking about the Main Event of the year, The World Games in Wroclaw, Poland.

"€œIt was amazing being surrounded by many teams of different sports from different countries, with lots of venues and activities everywhere. We felt it was like being in the Olympic Games."

National coach of Peru, Rodrigo Jorquera


"€œThe atmosphere was more pressurised than usually at competitions because even though the number of competitors was lower, you knew these were the best of the best.

At the accommodation it was different in a good way: being among athletes from different disciplines was neat, everyone was curious about what everyone else was competing in. It was a nice mix having to explain what Muaythai is and also nice meeting people familiar with the sport."

Team USA coach Bryan Popejoy


"€œThe atmosphere at The World Games was friendly, the Wroclaw city is lovely and calm, and the people nice. There were numerous spectators at the venue: you could feel it was a special event. There was great support for the Polish athletes, and it was fun to compete against them because of that.

The accommodation was comfortable, and we had public buses nearby to go sight-seeing a little. The meals were served nearby too, and there was also vegetarian food, which we appreciated. The food was really good, and that is very important for us.

For us the best thing about the event was the friendly atmosphere -€“ and that we won medals, of course. The days went by so fast, and it's hard to pick something special but the atmosphere was really great."

Team Russia


"€œThe competition venue was great. The volunteers were amazing; they helped with everything and anything we needed. In the Closing Ceremony it really felt like we were at a much bigger event. I would have liked to have one day free for watching other interesting sports!"

Nili Block (ISR), Bronze medallist in Women’s 60 kg


"€œThe atmosphere was amazing; the stadium was full every day so it was a pleasure to compete there.

The volunteers were amazing; they were working all the time, and very helpful with everything.

We liked the venue, it was done very well. The warm-up area was big enough for all of us to prepare, and it was great being interviewed after the fights, with so many journalists it was exciting."

Athletes Igor Liubchenko, Serhii Kuliba and Oleh Pryimachov (UKR)

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