Sports Chiropractic services during TWG2017

Sports Chiropractic services during TWG2017

The collaboration and partnership between the IWGA and the Federation International de Chiropractic du Sport (FICS) for the past 12 years continues during the upcoming 2017 World Games in Wroclaw, Poland.  On July 19th, an international delegation with 40 members will congregate in Wroclaw to provide support to the IWGA, the Wroclaw Organising Committee, the athletes and the volunteers involved in the The World Games 2017.  The FICS delegation will make themselves available to provide Sports Chiropractic service upon request to all individuals involved with the Games. 

The delegation is part of the combined medical services provided by the IWGA and the Wroclaw Organising Committee (WOC).  The emergency and field of play medical services will be provided by the WOC, and the treatments of athletes prior and during the competition outside the field of play will be supplemented by the FICS delegation.  The sports chiropractic treatment will consist of assessment of the athlete or volunteer for any musculoskeletal conditions and functional deficiencies, and then providing therapeutic treatment through manipulation, mobilisation, exercise, stretching, soft tissue work, strapping and functional taping as indicated.  If referral to the medical services is specified, the FICS sports chiropractor will facilitate this process.

The treating FICS sports chiropractors in the delegation have completed specialty training in sports chiropractic after becoming qualified as a chiropractor from an accredited chiropractic institution.  The FICS delegation is prepared to assist all athletes and volunteers with restoring normal function, and maximising the athlete’s full potential before, during and after their competition.  This service is free to all accredited individuals attending The World Games.

“We have several students and recent graduates with our delegation to assist in recording the treatments and demographics of our involvement in these Games.”, Dr Brian Nook, Chef de Mission of FICS says, and continues: “This is our 4th consecutive World Games, and at each Games we have recorded information regarding the sports and athletes that we treat to provide more information back to the International Federations on the number and type of treatments and conditions we see.  The research we perform at each Games leads to publication in a referred medical journal and is available to the public, the federations and athletes.”

The FICS President, Dr Peter Garbutt and Acting Secretary General, David Chapman-Smith will be present for these Games and will continue working with the IWGA and the federations of The World Games family both here and in future events.

“Please look for our FICS location at your venue and for our Delegation in our uniforms that state FICS Sports Chiropractor on the back of our shirts.  We look forward to working with you at this great event and we wish you all the best for The World Games 2017”, Brian Nook concludes.

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