IWGA flag on tour

The flag began a journey towards TWG 2017

The  Mayor  of  Wroclaw  Rafal Dutkiewicz handed the IWGA flag to the Sport Elementary  School  nr 72 in Wroclaw yesterday. This way the flag’s tour to schools all over Wroclaw has begun.

“It  is  an honour to host The World Games and an honour to have the flag’s tournee  begin  in  our  school,”  said the school’s director Mrs. Bogumila Kopacka-Gajec.

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The school  prepared  for this event excellently. Right from the door, the guests  were  greeted by student volunteers. The school’s gym was specially decorated.  Among the  guests  there  was one of the school’s graduate – a world  silver  medalists  in power lifting, currently the vice president of the Polish Powerlifting Association Mr. Mariusz Jedra. Professional dancers showcased  beautifully  latin and standard dances. Sport acrobatics got the students  up  from their chairs watching with amazement what the human body can do.

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The  flag was ceremoniously handed over by the Mayor. “When it comes to the number  of  participants,  The  World  Games  are  larger than the winter olympics.  In  Cali  half  a  million fans watched the games and about 4000 athletes  participated  in  the competitions. We hope that in Wroclaw there will  be  even more of both. We should be proud as the rivalry to host this event  was  very  hard.  In  the end  we  won with the capital of Hungary, Budapest,” said Mr. Dutkiewicz.

The  Mayor wrote a few words into the school’s commemorative book and tried on lacross’ helmet. “This is a sport school with many achievements. We know that  it  raised many sportsmen and that was an influence on our selection. We  started  with  those  who  already are  good and where The World Games disciplines are pursued,” explained Mr. Dutkiewicz.

The  flag  will  visit  schools in Wroclaw. “We not only want to promote an active  and  healthy  lifestyle but also the games which in four years only will be hosted in our city,” concluded the Mayor of Wroclaw.

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