Two Years to Go on the #RoadtoChengdu - The World Games 2025

Two Years to Go on the #RoadtoChengdu - The World Games 2025

12th Edition of The World Games from 7th to 17th August

On Tuesday, the curtain falls on the 31st FISU University Summer Games in Chengdu, People's Republic of China. One day earlier, on 7th August, the next top sporting event in the city of 21 million inhabitants in Sichuan Province will come into view. Exactly two years from now, on 7th August 2025, the stage will open for the 12th edition of The World Games with 5,000 participants from more than 100 countries.

The Games in two years’ time, with 35 sports, underlines Chengdu's claim to become a world-famous sports competition city. Continuing until 17th August 2025, world top-elite athletes are competing at several venues in Chengdu.

José Perurena, President of the International World Games Association (IWGA), who visited the FISU Games together with his CEO Joachim Gossow and an IWGA observer delegation, said at an official dinner with Wang Fengchao, the Mayor of Chengdu: "The University Games have heightened our anticipation for the next edition of The World Games. The sports venues are of Olympic standard. But what has excited me almost more is the friendliness and hospitality of the people and the great willingness of the volunteers to help. We can anticipate a great festival of sport, and Chengdu is the perfect place to celebrate it."

“We hope that the vibrant and joyful city of Chengdu will provide a wonderful experience for all the guests participating in the Games, and for the athletes and guests coming to Chengdu in 2025 for The World Games. We will strive to host the 12th edition with the highest efficiency, meticulousness and excellence, presenting the world with a unique and spectacular international sports event," said Mayor Wang Fengchao.

IWGA CEO Joachim Gossow said about the mix of the sports programme: "Wushu, Dragon Boat, DanceSport and Flying Disc are just a few of our sports that are extremely popular in China. In addition, we offer competitions in sports that are less known in this country. We invite citizens to get to know them: we have the concept that spectators are not only able to watch them, but also try them out."

The ‘hot phase’ of preparations for TWG 2025 is about to start

Immediately after the conclusion of the University Games, the ‘hot phase’ of preparation for The World Games in two years' time will begin. The hosts will strengthen the structure of the Local Organizing Committee this autumn. In their work to build a perfect and globally recognized stage for the best athletes in their sport and disciplines, Team Chengdu can draw on the experience they have just gained. “We have assembled a professional, efficient organising team with extensive experience in preparing for large-scale events. We have accumulated rich experience in organising international sports events,” Mr. Wang Fengchao emphasized.

Guillaume Felli, Deputy CEO of the IWGA, says: "There is no doubt that Chengdu will benefit from running such a successful event as the FISU Games this year. And yet there are also big differences when it comes to The World Games. For example, we have para sports in our programme, which are an integral part of our Games. In addition, only the best of the best compete at The World Games. The athletes and teams are not nominated by their national federations; they have to qualify through their international federation. This guarantees a high-class level of competition."

The World Games benefit not only from the know-how acquired during the University Games. The hosts are also using sports venues that have already proven their worth this summer. Joachim Gossow: "It has been part of our DNA, since the first edition of The World Games in 1981 in the USA, that we make use of sports facilities that already exist and use temporary venues. The idea of sustainability in the organisation of sporting events is one of our key principles. Chengdu owns excellent sports venues and facilities. We are in the fortunate position that we do not have to search for a suitable sports venue. We have the choice of which one is the best in each case."

First Competitions Managers Meeting in October 2023

Finding the best venues for each sport is one of the milestones on the #RoadtoChengdu. On 24-25 October, the competition managers of the 35 sports will meet in the city and will then also visit the proposed venues. Qualification for the Games has already begun. The first event was Fistball at the end of July. At the World Championships this year in Germany, the hosts along with Austria, Switzerland and Brazil secured their ticket for Chengdu. Korfball will also name its teams for the 2025 Games at a very early stage. The majority of the qualifying competitions will take place next year.

Two years until the opening ceremony - that seems like a long time. But there is a lot to do before then. Joachim Gossow: "We are working together as a team. This includes the hosts from Chengdu and us as IWGA. But our line-up is not yet complete: the international federations and our service partners come in too. Together, we will make The World Games 2025 a success, and help to ensure that the name Chengdu will play the role in the world of sport that the city deserves.”

 The World Games is a multi-sport event staged every four years by the International World Games Association, organised with the support of the International Olympic Committee. The World Games 2022 was held in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, 7-17 July 2022. 3,600 athletes from 34 sports and 100 countries took part in the Games. The 12th edition of The World Games will be held in Chengdu, CHN, 7-17 August 2025.