Road to Chengdu 2025: contest opens globally to select best logo, mascot and slogan

Road to Chengdu 2025: contest opens globally to select best logo, mascot and slogan

On 28 December 2023, the Chengdu 2025 Organising Committee (OC) initiated a national contest to create the logo, mascot and slogan of The World Games 2025.  

Despite already receiving a great number of national submissions, the OC is opening the contest internationally on 20 January 2024, to appeal to the world’s creativity to develop the visual identity of the landmark event next year.  

Ideas and designs are expected to be submitted by art & design students, professionals from design companies or independent graphic designers.  

Submissions from both China and overseas will be welcome to participate individually or as part of a team, until the tender deadline on 28 February 2024.  

The guidelines provided by the OC say that the logo, mascot and slogan of the upcoming TWG 2025 should embody the spirit of sport and Chinese cultural values and reflect the history and culture of Chengdu as the host city.  

The logo needs to be innovative and aesthetically pleasing, elegant, creative, and easily recognisable. 

Furthermore, the new visual identity elements should be adaptable, and versatile, allowing for extended design options to suit different branding and marketing needs. 

The mascot’s requirements included criteria such as being “lively, adorable, amiable, and able to get universal recognition from diverse audiences”, and all designs should comply with IWGA’s marketing guidelines.  Take a look at the requirements  document here.

All elements will be available both in English and Chinese and remain as a sustainable legacy for The World Games.  

Selected winners will receive certificates and cash prizes from the TWG 2025 Chengdu OC.  

 The World Games is a multi-sport event staged every four years by the International World Games Association, organised with the support of the International Olympic Committee. The World Games 2022 was held in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, 7-17 July 2022. 3,600 athletes from 34 sports and 100 countries took part in the Games. The 12th edition of The World Games will be held in Chengdu, CHN, 7-17 August 2025.