Lacrosse goes to Africa

Lacrosse goes to Africa

The stork has been kept very busy in the last few weeks by the good folks involved in Lacrosse. The Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) has been delighted to announce the birth of two new continental federations and an emoji!

Following the developing growth of the sport, with Chile recently becoming the 60th member nation, the FIL has created a couple of new federations, one to cover Africa and the other Caribbean, Central and South America. The establishment of these two continental federations strengthens the FIL’s efforts to reach the stage where Lacrosse is acknowledged as a sport performed all over the world. This underlines FIL’s anticipation to be on the programme of The World Games 2021; FIL has applied to be part of TWG 2021. The decision on which sports will be showcased in Birmingham, Alabama will be announced in April at the IWGA Annual General Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.

Lacrosse fans in America are now looking forward to seeing the Green Light for TWG 2021. The fans are looking forward to a great time in the summer of 2021, having two opportunities to see exciting international action, as The World Games in Birmingham, Alabama take place a fortnight after the Women’s World Cup. FIL has announced that this championship will take place at Towson University in Maryland.

Last time the two events took place in the same year, in 2017, USA arrived in Wroclaw as the World Champions and doubled their gold medal haul after a pulsating final at The World Games. The Americans and Canadians traded the lead and the outcome was only assured in the last few minutes. Will USA repeat its success, or will new champions emerge in Alabama?

Fans of the sport have been calling for years for an emoji to represent the fast-paced game, often using the hashtag #NoLaxEmoji. Finally their pleas have been answered. A beta version of a lacrosse emoji (see image below) is set to appear on phones later in the year.

Lacrosse on Emojipedia 11.1

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