The nerves, the excitement and the rush

The nerves, the excitement and the rush

With an astonishing prize list and two recent medals (gold and silver) at the Indoor Archery World Series, World number one Mike Schloesser was named January 2024’s Athlete of the Month by the International World Games Association.

With just a few months until Paris 2024, the world’s best archers, including Schloesser, a.k.a. Mr. Perfect, will be competing in the three stages of the Hyundai Archery World Cup in China, Korea and Turkey. The latter event in the traditional circuit stop of Antalya will also be the final qualifying tournament for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

“For me, the focus is to get ready for the outdoor season with my mind set on the World Cup in Shanghai,” Schloesser says in a special interview with the IWGA.

We asked the Dutch precision ace what good preparation in his sport actually looks like.

“I have a strict routine. During the outdoor season, I train in my own backyard; during the indoor season, I train at a local club that I can access 24/7,” he explains.

“With all these efforts, I just hope that I can keep this level as long as I can. I wish I can keep having fun while doing it for as long as possible,” he continues.

For Schloesser, at the end of the day, sport and competition is about having fun.

“Why not try Archery, it’s a sport in which you can be yourself and enjoy it along the way. Make a point at being better every single day, it’s worth it and can bring you great pride!

Schloesser loves celebrating victorious moments with his family, but the rush he gets from being on the field of play and hitting the target is the true purpose for his dedication.

“The best part is the nerves, excitement, and rush I get when I shoot. It makes me have a special feeling and makes all the hard work worthwhile,” he confesses.

“To me, if you show dedication, passion and joy, you can be a successful athlete and you will reach the top.”

Valuable advice received from a coach has stuck with Schloesser throughout his career. “Stay yourself and enjoy the feeling!”, he was once told.

That saying really must have had an impact because in December 2023, Schloesser overtook Colombian superstar Sara Lopez to become the longest-tenured world Number One, exceeding everything he ever expected.

With a busy year in front of him and many decisive events in between, Schloesser will look at The World Games 2025 once these first hurdles are out the way, but he “definitely hopes to qualify for it and be able to shoot there.” He recalls the “great hospitality from all the locals” encountered in Birmingham 2022.

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