The World Games Athlete of June 2022

The World Games Athlete of June 2022

Congratulations to Agata Sitko from Poland, IWGA Athlete of the Month for June 2022.

In May 2022, Agata Sitko (19) broke five world records when winning gold at the European Junior Equipped Powerlifting Championships. In June, she was the runner-up at the Powerlifting Open World Championships, which were held in South Africa. She even set a new world record in the -76 kg category. But that’s not the whole story: the whole story is one about fairness and the level of camaraderie shown by the Polish lifter.

In the -76 kg category, Jessica Buettner from Canada and Agata Sitko were competing for the gold. It was a really close fight, and Buettner just won it with her last deadlift and on bodyweight. That means that Sitko had lifted the same weight in total as Buettner, but Buettner won because she was the lighter lifter. But Sitko still got the world record, because she was the first to achieve this result.

Jessica Buettner won the gold when matching Agata Sitko’s overall result with her last lift. During Buettner’s last attempt, Sitko sat in the audience cheering for her competitor. She knew that if Buettner should make this lift, the Canadian would win gold and she would be placed second. But still she supported Buettner wholeheartedly. That’s real fair play! When asked about the cheering, Agata Sitko replied "Of course! Jessica's my idol".

Agata Sitko will have her next chance to win a gold medal on Saturday 9th July at The World Games 2022 in Birmingham, USA. The IWGA Athlete of the Month for June competes in the women's heavyweight class. At The World Games, the Powerlifting discipline is Equipped.

The IPF got Agata Sitko’s cheering recorded, check it out because it’s a ‘must-watch’ one:

As The World Games Athlete of the Month, Agata Sitko will receive The World Games Athlete of the Month diploma as well as a branded gift from the Official Sponsor of Athlete of the Month, Protective Life.


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