Ella Gibson on The World Games: Her Olympics and a dream realised

Ella Gibson on The World Games: Her Olympics and a dream realised

In the world of competitive Archery, few names shine as brightly as Ella Gibson’s. Since her discovery of the sport at the age of 14, Gibson has rapidly ascended to become one of the top compound archers globally.

Her journey from a school taster course to the pinnacle of international Archery is a story of passion, resilience, and exceptional talent. A key milestone in her career was her triumph at The World Games (TWG) 2022, in Birmingham (USA), where she clinched the gold medal in the women's compound event. In a recent interview with the IWGA, Gibson shared her thoughts on what TWG means to her, offering a profound glimpse into the significance of this event in her life.

The World Games: "My Olympics"

For Ella Gibson, The World Games represents the highest pinnacle of competition available to her as a compound archer. "It is my Olympics," she states unequivocally. Unlike Recurve Archery, which is featured in the Olympic Games, Compound Archery does not have a spot in the Olympic roster. This exclusion means that for compound archers, TWG is as prestigious as the Olympics itself. Gibson’s words resonate with the weight of this reality:

"TWG is the next closest thing for me, so I try and treat it as such and hold it in high regards."

The journey to gold

Gibson's path to winning at The World Games was marked by a combination of intense training, mental fortitude, and significant milestones. Reflecting on her victory in Birmingham, she recounts the challenges and the joys of the competition.

"It was an incredible experience," she says, "not just for the win but for everything that came with it."

Her success at TWG was a culmination of years of dedication, from her initial encounters with archery to her decision to pursue the sport professionally in 2019.

One particularly memorable moment from her time at TWG wasn't just the competition itself but the camaraderie and unique experiences shared with fellow athletes. Gibson fondly recalls her interactions with her Croatian roommate, a fin swimmer who competes with a mono fin. "She was basically a mermaid!" Gibson laughs, adding that her roommate even played a crucial role in waking her up in time for her matches after she missed her alarm. These moments, she notes, are what make The World Games a special event, bringing together athletes from diverse sports in a celebration of global talent.

The future of Archery and TWG

Looking ahead, Gibson is optimistic about the future of archery, particularly for women in the sport. "I see the level of everyone improving as the years pass, especially in women. It’s exciting to see so many women coming out and showing how truly incredible and powerful they are," she says. This surge in talent and competition makes The World Games even more significant, providing a platform where archers can compete at the highest level.

"I want to be the best, the undeniable best that there is in compound women's archery," she declares. And The World Games, in many ways, is the arena where this ambition is tested and realised.

As the sporting world looks forward to the next edition of The World Games in Chengdu in 2025 (from 7-17 August), Ella Gibson’s story serves as a testament to the event’s importance and the dreams it fulfils for athletes around the globe.

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