Building up to Birmingham: Phillip Delarmino

Building up to Birmingham: Phillip Delarmino

“The World Games is one of the highest competitions for sport events, this is like the Olympics,” says Muaythai World Champion Phillip Delarmino (PHI). That's why I'm expecting that all the participating athletes will be of the highest calibre; they are their country's best. I am proud to be considered as one of the best athletes, and I am deeply honoured to represent my country, the Philippines, in the upcoming edition of The World Games.” Phillip Delarmino is our athlete this week Building up to Birmingham!

Phillip Delarmino started Muaythai at the age of 17. “I had tried different sports before, but it was Muaythai that gave me something to be passionate about. Apart from its fascinating history, I also find myself enjoying it while learning the techniques of the sport. Muaythai also gave me the opportunity to be part of the National team, which has given me the chance to represent my country, The Philippines in international competitions,” he says. It was his brother who got him interested: “My brother invited me to a small martial arts gym near our town in IloIlo, Philippines. In the same year I began joining local and national competitions. And in 2012 I became a member of the Philippine National team.” Currently, Delarmino is one of the active enlisted personnel in the Philippine Navy, and he also competes inTaekwondo for the Philippine Navy.

Delarmino is already preparing for The World Games, in which he will be taking part for the first time. “Before the Games, I'll be training with my team, The Muaythai Philippine Team, in LA Trinidad Benguet near Baguio City. It's the best place for high altitude training, and I think this is good preparation for the upcoming TWG2022,” he says. At the Games in Birmingham, he would love to be able to watch other martial arts competitions too. And if he had to compete in another sport of The World Games – as no big surprise, he would choose Kickboxing!

Phillip Delarmino also got questions from social media, and answers some of them here:

- At what age can young people try Muaythai?
In my own experience I have trained young people starting from the age of 5.

-Who is your fiercest rival?
My fiercest rival in the ring is my good friend Almaz from Kazakstan. We
have had so many fights in the past years, he beat me and I beat him also. But we are really good friends outside the ring; he’s a good role-model athlete from his country.

-How many hours do you train per day?
I train
twice a day (2-3 hours per session.)

-Who is your idol in Muaythai?
Buakaw por pramok: A very strong Muaythai fighter, I saw myself in him. From a poor family
, he did his best through Muaythai and became successful. And I hope some day I can be like him.

- What have been the biggest challenges in your sports career?
Going through all kinds of pressure to make my country proud.

 The World Games is a multi-sport event staged every four years by the International World Games Association, organised with the support of the International Olympic Committee. The 11th edition of The World Games will be held in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, 7-17 July 2022. 3,600 athletes from 34 sports and over 100 countries will take part in The World Games.