The Judges verdict

The Judges verdict

We have been enjoying the crowd pleasing performances of so many world class athletes at the Wroclaw 2017 edition of The World Games. However there is another group of people, often overlooked, that are contributing to the wonderful atmosphere of the event in Poland. Their goal is not the spectacular, but they too wish to give their best performances and efforts at these games. The officials are a key part of any event. Without them the athletes would be unable to compete, take the officials away and there would not be any event. Recently, at the Centennial Hall we caught up with some of the judges (Catherine Buck AUS, Carisa Laughon USA, Caroline Hodgson GBR) involved in the Acrobatic Gymnastics discipline, to find out what they thought of The World Games.

How important is being at The World Games to your sport?
The World Games is extremely important to our sport (Acrobatic Gymnastics), it is a good opportunity to showcase our sport. When people see our sport they love it, but the problem is getting people to see it, The World Games gives us great exposure.”

What has the organisation been like?
“The World Games has really been well organised. The Centennial Hall is a really good venue, it has a very good atmosphere and has a huge roof which is essential! Sometimes we turn up to an event and the roof is not high enough.”

And what about the level of competition?
“(The gymnasts competing...) ..are the best of the best, it is a really nice sized competition, exciting but short and to the point.”

How easy or difficult is it to judge this discipline?
“It got easier to judge this cycle as the rules have become less complicated.”

Did you previously compete in acrobatic gymnastics?
All the judges said yes, apart from one who commented
“I actually competed in Artistic Gymnastics, partly my work at my national federation allowed me to become involved with acrobatics.”

Did you compete against any of the other judges?
“I knew one of the other judges and I used to look up to her when competing.”

What is your favourite discipline?
“My favourite discipline is the mens group, Australia now has a team that competes in the World Championship and The World Games.”  Another one chips in “They are all different, I appreciate all of them.” Appreciation- that is  a good word. We at The World Games echo that sentiment. Every official, everybody who helps to make sport possible, we appreciate every single one of you. Together you have made The World Games in Wroclaw a great success.

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