International Federations

The World Games Preparations

International Federations (IFs) govern the rules and regulations of their sports globally. They understand best the needs of athletes, officials, fans, journalists and broadcasters, but also of host cities.
To organise and run the competitions, their advice and assistance have proven to have a decisive impact on previous editions of The World Games. All aspects in relation with sports competition lie within the responsibility of the sport federations, which eases the responsibilities for the LOC.

The IFs administer the global sports competition calendar and establish world rankings, world championships and qualifications for multi-sport events. They ensure that their best athletes enter The World Games.

The federations draw up the selection criteria and establish the qualification rules for their contingent of athletes in The World Games accordingly. Together with the stipulation for global representation, this brings about top-level competitions and maximum universality.

As per the Rules of The World Games, the federations endeavour to present their events in ways that allow athletes to shine at their brightest while spectators are ensured maximum entertainment out of the performances. Each federation commits to stage its events in ways that enable spectators watching them for the first time to follow and enjoy the competitions.

Sports Programme

The list of participating sports, disciplines and events always varies from one edition to the next. According to our principles of using existing or temporary infrastructure only, every sports programme must be fully adapted to the identity, characteristics and available venues of the host city. Thus, not all sports listed above will automatically be part of the programme.

Today, IFs are increasingly developing current and new competition and broadcast formats through innovation, creativity and experimentation. As innovation is a force that drives excellence, new disciplines, events or formats sharpen and modernise the overall experience, attracting younger audiences to the event. Thanks to the high quality of the sports presentation, many of the sports in The World Games programme have joined the Olympic Games.

Display Programme

From TWG 2025 onwards, the Display Programme will replace the current invitational sports programme. IWGA Member Federations which are not part of the official or invitational sports programme and comply with the IWGA rules and regulations have a priority to display their sport in the Display programme.
This programme may also include disciplines of IWGA full members and others, provided that these disciplines are played globally. In addition, the Host City may propose at most one discipline of a sport that doesn’t meet the globality criteria. The final selection is discussed between the IWGA and the Local Organising Committee (LOC).