Athlete of the Month November 2014

Congratulations to Carl Yngvar Christensen, IWGA Athlete of the Month for November 2014. Carl Yngvar Christensen (24) from Norway came a long way to the World Championships in Aurora, Colorado to break the combined total world record in Powerlifting (3 lifts) with 1230 kg (490 kg in squat/ 350 kg in bench-press/ 390 kg in deadlift).


He is the first powerlifter in the history of the International Powerlifting Federation to lift a combined total of 1,200 kg, as well as earn the highest number of points based on the Wilks Formula ever. Currently, he is the European Champion in Powerlifting with 1200 kg, and the World Champion with 1230 kg. He has been the Junior, World and European Champion several times. The strongest athlete ever in IPF history also won the Gold Medal in Cali, Colombia, at The World Games 2013. We had the opportunity to get together for a short interview with the World Champion from Norway.

“I wanted to try some more”

When did you start training in powerlifting and why?
I participated in my first competition in December 2007. It was a club championship, at my local club of Brumunddal. I had been lifting weights for a couple years before this, but when entering the powerlifting club in Brumunddal, I instantly liked powerlifting very much. I knew I wanted to try some more. I guess I am like everyone else that trains or competes in powerlifting. We just love heavy lifting.

When did you decide to go for the 1230 kg total?
When I first passed the 1100kg mark at the European championship in 2012 with 1135kgs, I saw that there might be a chance that I could do 1200kgs, and even more in the future. So, since then I have dreamed about that number. It’s really difficult to pick any specific number. At this level it doesn’t matter what you decide. Dreaming and deciding will not help you here. All you can do is just train as much and as hard as you possibly can, and hope that you get your lifts on the specific day of the competition.

 How important is the work with the Norwegian team?
It is very important that the team is well organized. We work well together and help each other to get stronger.

How many trainers do you have and who?
Dietmar Wolf is my trainer, and Roger Eriksen is my assistant trainer.

How often do you work out per week?
I usually squat 3 times, bench press 5 times and deadlift 4 times per week.

What are your sports goals in the future ?
I have no specific goals. I enjoy training and trying to become as strong as possible.

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