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  • 21871 Marcel Hassemeier

    Marcel Hassemeier


    Life Saving

    He was the most successful athlete of The World Games 2013 by achieving four gold medals and one silver medal in Life Saving.

  • 12744 Naranbat Gankhuyag

    Naranbat Gankhuyag



    Naranbat Gankhuyag won the gold medal in open class at TWG 2013. He is two times World Sumo Champion (2008, 2012) and won a silver medal in 2009.

  • 12570 Regina Jaquess

    Regina Jaquess


    Water Skiing

    She won two gold medals: in slalom and jump. The performance of the world record holder was exceptional once again, and she added two gold medals to her extensive collection of victories.

  • 7121 Matthias Kyburz

    Matthias Kyburz



    He is in a class of his own: The Junior World champion, European champion and World champion won three gold medals in Cali (middle distance, sprint and relay).

  • 6431 Andrej Konovalov

    Andrej Konovalov



    The strongest man in Columbia, lifted 465kg and established a new world record in men's super-heavyweight powerlifting.

  • 4407 Magalie Rousseau

    Magalie Rousseau


    Life Saving

    She was the most successful woman athlete in Cali, winning four times gold and one bronze medal in Live Saving.

  • 3493 Bart Swings

    Bart Swings


    Speed Skating

    He won two gold medals (10,000m and 20,000m elimination race) plus one silver and one bronze medal. Later in the season he won the speed skating marathon in Berlin (59:28).

  • 1782 Paola Longoria

    Paola Longoria



    The #1 player on the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (two years without defeats) achieved gold as a defending champion.

  • 1635 Erika Jones

    Erika Jones



    She obtained a new world record in the compound round in qualifications (704 points), before winning the two gold medals at stake the next day.

  • 867 Melitina Staniouta

    Melitina Staniouta



    The most successful gymnast in Cali went home with two gold medals (Ball and Clubs) and a silver medal (Hoops) in Rhythmic Gymnastics.