Candidate Host Cities for 2017

Budapest (HUN), Cape Town (RSA) and Wroclaw (POL) are in the running to get the award in May of next year.

After their application files had undergone a preliminary evaluation, IWGA President Ron Froehlich and Chief Executive Officer Joachim Gossow visited the cities to assess the merits of each bid on site, and to establish a direct dialogue with the bidding authorities.

IWGA President Ron Froehlich and IWGA CEO Joachim Gossow completed their tour of three cities on two continents, spending the time needed with each candidate. Their inspection of venues and infrastructure, as well as the ensuing conversations with the authorities, confirmed that all three make excellent proposals, and the IWGA ExCo will now proceed to evaluate the bids.

"Our visits to the Candidate Host Cities only reinforced the first impressions we had reviewing the questionnaires and supporting documents since June,” said IWGA President Froehlich. “Our conversations with the bidders were productive and will serve as the basis for the evaluation process that will conclude with the announcement of the winning city,” Froehlich said.

bid process - remaining Timeline

12/2011: Evaluation of the reports on the visits, study of the finalized bid files and presentation of conclusions/results to the IWGA Executive Committee

01/2012: Announcement of the Host City TWG 2017

03/2012: Final negotiation of the Host City Contract between the IWGA and Host City

05/2012:  Ratification of the award of TWG 2017 to the Host City by the 2012 IWGA General Conference and signing of the Host City Contract during the 2012 SportAccord Convention in Quebec, CAN.

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