Thank you and goodbye Wroclaw!

Thank you and goodbye Wroclaw!

The World Games 2017 have now officially been closed. What begun in 2012 when Wroclaw was awarded the Games, and got a fresh re-start 10 days ago when the first athletes and fans arrived, has now officially ended. The World Games flag has been given to the next organisers. The World Games 2021 in Birmingham, Alabama will now take over the journey with the athletes and fans, the journey of four years that will lead to the Games in Birmingham.

The Closing Ceremony took place on the fully packed World Games Plaza in Wroclaw on Sunday evening. Several artists, including Europe’s largest big band Rebel Babel Ensemble, played on the stage. IWGA President José Perurena praised Wroclaw in his speech before officially closing the Games, and said: “Now more than three thousand “athlete-ambassadors" are returning home to five continents. There, they will speak of the great hospitality and friendship they received in Wroclaw.”

The World Games 2017 sold more than 160,000 tickets and could be watched world-wide on TV and on the Olympic Channel. 3251 athletes from a record number of countries – 111 – took part in the Games and enjoyed the top class venues and the hospitability of the organisers and the volunteers.

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