Milestone on the Road to Wroclaw

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IFs’ Competition Managers Meet to Prepare TWG 2017

Milestone on the Road to Wroclaw

WROCLAW (26/08/2016) The second Competition Managers Meeting on the organization of The World Games 2017 (20 – 30 July) set a Milestone on the road to Wroclaw. The representatives of 31 International Federations received comprehensive information concerning their venues and the state of the preparations in general. The program of TWG 2017 includes 27 sports on the official program and four sports on the invitational program.

“We have to work together very closely to achieve the best conditions for our athletes. We’re expecting the top performers from each sport and discipline to come to Wroclaw next year. We want to set a perfect stage giving them the opportunity to perform at their best and showcase their sports at the top level,” stressed Max Bishop, Vice-President of the IWGA, in his opening speech of the Competition Managers meeting.

There followed long hours of analysis, observation and discussion with the different sports organizations and governmental bodies present during the two days in the capital city of Lower Silesia. "We thank all of you for entrusting the organization of this great international event to Wroclaw," said the Marcin Przychodny, President of the Wroclaw Oragnizing Committee in his speech. "We are working with the support of very capable people and we have learned a lot from you during these days. Bringing in your expertise makes us confident we can deliver an outstanding event."

The agenda of the Competition Managers' Meeting continued with site visits to each venue, information about TV production, the new IWGA Games Management System (IGMS), the services of IWGA partners Swiss Timing and VIP Sportstravel, and several other issues.

On the first day, the meeting took place at the convention center within the new Africarium of Wroclaw Zoo. The Zoo will be the venue for one of the orienteering disciplines on the program next year.

In addition to the representatives of International Federations,this Competition Managers meeting was attended by members of the Executive Committee of the International World Games Association (IWGA), the National Olympic Committee of Poland, and representatives of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the City of Wroclaw and the three neighbouring towns that will host one of the sports during next year’s multi-sports event. More than 150 experts working to make a success of TWG 2017 took part in the two-day event.  

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