London, GBR 1985

Preparation for WG 1985

In the years after the pilot event in Santa Clara, the World Games organization had several modifications; one of them was the conversion from World Games Council to International World Games Association, the IWGA. The West Nally Group had provided finances for the initial pilot World Games in Santa Clara; in return they became the owners of the rights to the event. They had a commercial interest in finding a Host City for the next event. This proved, however, to be difficult, as the World Games was a new and unknown event. The West Nally Group therefore took the World Games 1985 to their home headquarters in London.

The Games

1985-Royal-Holloway-CollegeThe participants of the second World Games in London were more aware of what to expect from the event than in Santa Clara. The athletes were looking forward to top-class competitions. As the athletes were now only invited for the duration of their own competition, they were totally focussed on their contest only. They had the same campus-style accommodation as in Santa Clara, now in the Royal Holloway College (University of London).

The majority of the indoor events used the Crystal Palace National Sport Centre, named after the famous exhibition hall, but not with the same stylish appearance. The main outdoor venue was the Copthall Stadium in North-West London. The West Nally Group had arranged for a television production company, Channel 4, and had also been able to distribute the summary programmes to various European and American countries.

In London the World Games event was, however, lost in the huge metropolitan area of London. The residents of London were not aware of the event in their city. Apart from the fact that many of the outdoor events suffered from a lot of rain, the competitions were again of high quality.

Notwithstanding the low media profile in London, participants valued the World Games medals very much, as the medals were won in real top-class competitions. Supporters and fans of various sports had travelled to London to watch the event and at home the awareness of the World Games London was somewhat higher than in Santa Clara, as there had been a good television production, which had been broadcast in several countries.

1985-Berkeley-House-sign    1985-Copthall-Stadium

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