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Gliding Aerobatics, Parachuting Canopy Piloting and Paramotoring are fairly recent sports that have in common spectacular competitions specially designed to thrill the spectators.

Whether it be with a glider or a canopy, competitors must demonstrate the most precise flying skills and execute breath-taking manoeuvers to win: pilots fight against the G-force to complete an aerobatic sequence made up of rolls, spins and loops; parachutists whizz across a water section between gates in the accuracy, speed and distance events; as for paramotor pilots, they must be able to demonstrate a high level of skill and pinpoint control to fly the course quickly and precisely. All this to the delight of the crowds! Parachuting, paramotoring and paragliding feature in The World Games 2017;


Paramotoring (also known as powered paragliding) enables the pilot to take off from level ground unassisted and climb to altitude; there is no need to launch from a hill or high ground. Paramotor units typically weigh 30kg; after a short take-off run of 10-20m this weight is carried by the wing. The pilot sits in a chair-type harness, controlling the engine output with a hand throttle lever. Speed, accuracy and control are the skills to be shown in a competition.  

Canopy Piloting

Canopy Piloting involves a series of tasks designed to test a parachutist’s ability to control his canopy and fly accurately. Each task starts with the parachutist navigating through a number of gates which are situated over water. The parachutist has one of three goals, depending on the task; complete the course in the shortest time, therefore having the highest speed, complete the water section and then land on a target as accurately as possible, or achieve the longest distance from the entry gate before touching down. What is needed to win a competition: great skill in speed, accuracy and distance.

Glider Aerobatics

The Glider Aerobatics competition is a test of the pilot’s ability to perform a preplanned programme of spectacular aerobatic maneuvers whilst managing the glider’s energy. The silent and graceful maneuvers are blended together in a sequence aimed at impressing the judges with the pilot’s precise handling skills. His ability to manage the glider’s speed, energy and position within the “box” is of paramount importance to obtaining a winning score. Silent and spectacular display of precision competition flying makes the discipline interesting for the spectators.

TWG Channel

The World Games 2013

Men's Parachuting final: 1. Batsch (USA), 2. Bartholomey (USA), 3. Dellibac (...

Medal Results Cali 2013

Parachuting Canopy Piloting Mixed

  1. 1. Curtis BARTHOLOMEW - USA
  2. 2. Thomas DELLIBAC - USA
  3. 3. Pablo HERNANDEZ - ESP

Paragliding Accuracy Men

  1. 1. Matjaz FERARIC - SLO
  2. 2. Tomas LEDNIK - CZE
  3. 3. Tanapat LUANGIAM - THA

Paragliding Accuracy Women

  1. 1. Jolanta ROMANENKO - LTU
  2. 2. Nunnapat PHUCHONG - THA
  3. 3. Milica MARINKOVIC - SRB

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