Flying Disc

It was a saucer’s flight to ultimate fame! From the “Frisbie Baking Company” to the tables of New England colleges – and from there to open fields on university campuses everywhere: a pie tin started a spectacular flight around the world, most likely on a fling by Ivy League students in the late 19th century. It continues aloft, albeit as a more sophisticated piece of sporting equipment. The flying discis the focus of a field game which combines some of the best elements found in American football, soccer, basketball and hockey.

Flying Disc featured in The World Games 2013; check the event calendar for all details.

Flying Disc will participate at The World Games 2017!

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Ultimate, the game ...

In ultimate, goals are scored by passing – by flinging the disc to the team mates. Catching is the combination of speed, leaping ability and coordination. The flight of the disc adds amazing excitement to play. Amazingly accurate passing over long distances makes defense a grueling challenge.

Mixed teams contest the medals in the tournament of The World Games. Their conduct on the pitch is always impeccable. In the world's only self-officiating sport, athletes arbitrate their own calls ... and rate each other's “sporting spirit” after the game.

Flying disc and not Frisb ...

The brand name that is commonly associated with these discs cannot be used by the sport's governing body, the World Flying Disc Federation, to describe the crucial equipment. Hence it resorts to a construction that does require some getting used too, and one that unfailingly leads to "frisbee" being used anyway at one time or another. American trademark laws are rather strict: we better call it a Frisbee ® © ™ too ...

Flying disc in The World Games ...

In The World Games 2001 Akita, the ultimate champion was Canada, besting a strong American team in a thrilling overtime final match. In The World Games 2005 Duisburg it was the United States which kept the upper hand against determined Australians. USA defended its title in The World Games 2009 Kaohsiung against Japan. Ultimate, in the formula played at The World Games, is another co-ed sport with total gender parity. Six teams contest the medals in a round-robin tournament.

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