On a purely physical level, the Japanese martial art of aikido could be considered a method of self-defense that involves throws and joint locks that are derived from ju-jitsu, and a few other techniques derived from kenjutsu. It does not allow the punching or kicking of opponents, all its focus is on using their own energy to gain control over them. Aikido is never static and places great emphasis on motion and the dynamics of movement. "Whenever I move, that is aikido," said Morihei Ueshiba, its founding father at the beginning of the 20th century. Still endorsing Ueshiba's philosophical concept of harmony and peace, aikido refrains from real combat between its practitioners.

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Final resolve ...

Consistent with Morihei Ueshiba's philosophy, the International Aikido Federation insists that its martial art events are not conducted competitively and for medals. Demonstrations of the various techniques involving joint locks and throws are all one gets to see. There are no real bouts, only simulations of the highly effective moves which could put a final resolve to any martial situation.

In partnership ...

Aikido, even in schools with competitions, is of a cooperative rather than antagonistic nature, with both athletes, "thrower" as well as "throwee", working as partners, each trying to optimize the experience of the other. This partnership is necessary to minimize the chance of injury from practicing aikido techniques, and to develop both partners' ability to be relaxed when being thrown in a martial situation.

In The World Games ...

Aikido was regularly on the Invitational Sports Program of The World Games. Most recently, the German public got to know the Japanese martial art during 2005 Duisburg – even if it was not through combats producing a winner and a loser. Out of reverence to its founding father, the “O Sensei’”or “Great Teacher” Morihei Ueshiba, aikido explicitly limits its participation to the Invitational Sports Program. In Duisburg. Ueshiba's grandson led the simulations between the "combatants". Their foremost aim is to prove that any conflict can be neutralized effectively through the harmonious resolution of energies. As was taught by the O Sensei Uehsiba!

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