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IWGA Releases Bidding Document For The 11th World Games 2021

COLORADO SPRINGS /USA (17/01/2014). The International World Games Association (IWGA) has opened the bidding process for The 11th World Games in 2021. In the bidding document, structured under 18 main chapter headings, the IWGA has published all the information needed by candidate host cities. The guidelines for the second biggest global multi-sport event after the Olympic Games is now available.

The 150-page bidding document includes the timetable for the bidding process, with different deadlines. The first of these is that city bids are due by 31st July 2014. The whole bidding and awarding process will be completed within a year. The host contract will be officially signed at the IWGA Annual General Meeting in spring 2015. Potential bidders have the advantage that the host is not required to build new sports facilities for the various sports and disciplines of the games.   

“The newly-released document helps each city’s responsible officials to get a good overview of the facts, the requirements for hosting The World Games”, says Ron Froehlich, President of IWGA. A video clip of the different sports on the program shows cities the excitement of hosting this 11-day international multi-sports event.

The World Games take place every four years in the year following the Olympic Games. The event showcases more than 30 non-Olympic sports, including Dance Sport, Squash, Tug of War, Gymnastics, Sumo and Karate. Approximately 4,500 athletes and officials from more than 100 countries take part in The World Games. Athletes will compete for gold medals in approximate 200 disciplines during the event. 


For further information or clarification concerning the bid process, please contact the CEO or the IWGA Headquarters.

IWGA Chief Executive Officer

Joachim Gossow
An den Wieen 87
47239 Duisburg

TEL: +49 175 5811492
FAX: +49 2151 941162

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IWGA Headquarters

Patsy Dew, Manager
10 Lake Circle
Colorado Springs
CO 80906

TEL: +1 719 471 8096
FAX: +1 719 471 8105

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