Sports at their best!

To over 30 diverse, popular and spectacular sports, The World Games are the pinnacle in the competition calendar, providing the common stage for their best athletes to aim for excellence and celebrate unity and friendship across all boundaries.

As 4,000 of the finest sportsmen and women contest the coveted medals at The World Games, they present the very essence of their sport to the world at large.

For the spectators, at the venues as well as in front of TV sets, the particular fascinations of The World Games are found in watching these athletes compete in sports of a kaleidoscopic variety that is without match in the entire Olympic Movement.

Some of the 30+ sports appearing here could be broken down even further, into different sports or disciplines of sports.

To make this immense variety somewhat more manageable for the general public and the media, an effective auxiliary construct is applied by grouping the 30+ sports thematically. The World Games feature

All these groups, sports, or disciplines of sports, do have one thing common. They reserve The World Games for the very best. The best athletes competing in the best events! That is their pledge to spectators and broadcasters alike.

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