Diverse, Popular, Spectacular!


In The World Games, there are a great many differences between one sport and another. But despite all the contrasts there are some common denominators as well.


Aerobic GymnasticsThe object of areobic gymnastics is to demonstrate cardiovascular endurance and high levels of fitness. The squat in powerlifting is considered to be the ultimate test of strength. There's not all that much common ground when it comes to the physics of the two sports. Still, at four year intervals, the best athletes in both get on the global stage together - during The World Games - to captivate the public.Some perform a routine of nearly two minutes, with continuous movement and aerobic dance patterns to music. Others lower themselves into a simple squat for just a seconds. But on their shoulders is a bar loaded with weights of up to three times that of their body.


NetballOver 30 million people water ski. In billiard sports, the number of players stands at well over 100 million. Netball's governing body reports that the all-women sport - way beyond its huge popularity in the Oceanic region - is actually practiced by more than 7 million women in 65 countries. Fringe sports? Think again!
The athletes taking part in The World Games represent not only their country, they represent their sports, too, and the millions around the globe practicing them. Albeit not at the level of perfection that's reserved to the best: the international elite of 30+ sports gathered in The World Games.


FreeflyingLive transmission of video signals from the most inaccessible fields of play - from remote forest trails and from thousands of meters up in the sky - project dramatic images of superb sporting exploits in orienteering and skydiving onto giant outdoor screens. In The World Games, all International Federations, pursuant to the IWGA's aims of securing worldwide exposure, endeavor to 'present' their sports to the public in attendance as well as to the cameras of the host broadcaster.

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