Artistic Roller Sports

Combining grace, speed and an astonishing levels of control, the skaters show breathtaking jumps that transition smoothly into dance elements. Like their peers on ice, the athletes first perform a number of compulsory figures and set sequences in the short program that is scored on technical merit. In the long program, their elaborate choreographies are accompanied by music of their choice and judged on artistic impression as well as technical merit.

Artistic skating demands a perfect balance between strength, precision and artistry.

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European Artistic Roller Skating Championships

Courtesy of FIRS Communication


Medal Results Wrocław 2017

Artistic Dance Mixed

  1. 1. ITA
  2. 2. ITA
  3. 3. POR

Artistic Freeskating Men

  1. 1. Luca LUCARONI - ITA
  2. 2. Pierre MERIEL - FRA
  3. 3. Francisco SANCHEZ - ARG

Artistic Freeskating Women

  1. 1. Silvia NEMESIO - ITA
  2. 2. Monica GIMENO - ESP
  3. 3. Rafaela FREITAS - BRA

Artistic Pair Mixed

  1. 1. ITA
  2. 2. ITA
  3. 3. FRA


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