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Below are but a few of the comments made in an online forum - on - where an international community searches for the proper denomination of hockey played on traditional skates (quads), and with a ball rather than a puck. The sport - under the name of 'roller hockey' - was included in all editions of The World Games through 2001 Akita. It did not feature in 2005 Duisburg.'What was Hardball Hockey called at the 1992 Olympics as  a demonstration sport in Barcelona? Hoquei Patins (Catalan), Hoquei em Patins (Portuguese), Rink-Hockey, Quad Hockey, Hardball Hockey, Roller Hockey... It is exciting to hear these conversations of clarification regarding such a a wonderful sport played wordwide.'Read more, click here!'What name would/could 56 countries, including the USA, rally behind and identify with as one? What name would you be willing to petition your local Federations to petition FIRS for?'Read more and vote: click here!  
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