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Marcel Hassemeier and US Flying Disc Team Top the Polls

COLORADO SPRINGS (01/02/2014). And the winner is… Marcel Hassemeier from Germany, four time gold medalist in Life Saving at The World Games in Cali. He was elected as our IWGA Athlete of the Year. The mixed Flying Disc Team from the USA won the IWGA Team of the Year award. The World Games congratulates the two poll winners on their success. Our Athlete and Team of the Year will be awarded a special trophy.


Marcel Hassemeier (23) topped the poll with 21,871 votes. He was the most successful athlete of The World Games 2013, achieving four gold medals and one silver medal in Life Saving. The Mongolian Sumo wrestler Gankhuyag Naranbat (12,744 votes) was ranked second. Third place went to Regina Jacques from the USA (Water Skiing) with 12,570 votes.

As for the team rankings, the gold medalists in Flying Disc from the USA achieved 16,744 votes. Following successes in Duisburg 2005 and Kaohsiung 2009, the USA achieved gold for the third time in a row at The World Games (this time beating Australia). The women from Chinese Taipei, gold medalists in Tug-of-War, came in second with 13,945 votes. The mixed team in Korfball from the Netherlands was placed some distance behind in third place with 3,574 votes. 

The final rankings: 

The World Games Athlete 2013

1. Marcel Hassemeier, GER [Life Saving] - 21.871 votes

2. Naranbat Gankhuyyag, MON [Sumo] - 12.744 votes

3. Regina Jaquess, USA [Water Skiing] - 12.570 votes

4. Matthias Kyburz, SUI [Orienteering] - 7.121 votes

5. Andrej Konovalov, RUS [Powerlifting] - 6.431 votes

6. Magalie Rousseau, FRA [ Life Saving] 4.407 votes

7. Bart Swings, BEL [Speed Skating] - 3.493 votes

8. Paola Longoria, MEX [Racquetball] - 1.782 votes

9. Erika Jones, USA [Archery] - 1.635 votes

10. Melitina Staniouta, BLR [Gymnastics] - 867 votes

The World Games Team 2013

1. Mixed Team, USA [Flying Disc] - 16.744 votes

2. Women's Team, TPE [Tug of War] - 13.945 votes 

3. Mixed Team, NED [Korfball] - 3.574 votes

4. Men's Team, BRA [Beach Handball] - 1.302 votes

5. Team Germany, GER [Fistball] 1.068 votes

6. Becirovic/ Becirovic, AUT [Ju-Jitsu] - 611 votes

7. Molina/ Merolanda, COL [DanceSport] - 497 votes

8. South Africa, RSA [Rugby] - 207 votes

9. Women's Team, CUB [Softball] - 134 votes

10. Aerobics Group, CHN [Gymnastics] - 103 votes

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