Awareness of TWG 2017 on the Rise

Awareness of TWG 2017 on the Rise

The Wroclaw Organizing Committee has issued the result of a poll concerning The World Games 2017. One of the positive results: the awareness of citizens that the City of Wroclaw will host this event in 2017 has nearly doubled in the last seven months. The event will be held from 20 – 30 July 2017. In terms of the sample, 1,100 inhabitants of Wroclaw took part in the poll. The sample was representative, as applied in most Polish polls, including those concerning politics and government approval ratings.

awareness TWG Brand awareness

In October 2014, just 19 % of the residents of the upcoming host city knew about TWG 2017. In May 2015, 35 % of the citizens had become aware of the biggest sport event ever to be staged in Poland. Moreover, 66% of Wroclaw’s population is familiar with The World Games brand, which is a good omen for the future and an excellent foundation for raising awareness of the 10th edition of The World Games in the city.

what is TWGIn addition to this, the people who already know about TWG 2017 were asked: Was applying for the event a good idea? The “Good” and “Rather good” answers were chosen by 77% as opposed to 14% who were against the decision.












is TWG2017 a good idea will it be beneficial

A very similar proportion of the sample (76%) believes that TWG 2017 will be beneficial for the Host City. When asked in what way the city would benefit, the most frequent answers people gave were: promotion for Wroclaw, followed by support for the local tourist industry, financial benefits and improvement of sport infrastructure.

Finally, 83% of the poll’s participants declared that Wroclaw should apply for and organize big sporting events in the future too. 

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