Archery: On YouTube is providing these videos for fans to enjoy the best of archery. As a pre-launch, about 50 videos have been uploaded and the feedback from the fans and experts has been overwhelming, with several thousands viewers over a short time period. FITA will continue to upload videos such as 26-minute highlights, medal matches, feature stories or interviews of stars archers. FITA will also extend the content to videos with coaching tips and best practices to help the development of archery worldwide. FITA will also put in place a fan corner to regroup the competitions, educational or funny archery videos made by the fans around the globe.With this new YouTube channel, FITA is continuing to expose archery to a wider audience. In 2007, FITA has reached a cumulative 952 millions TV viewers and hopes now to attract millions of fans and the younger generation on the Internet.Tune in regularly to for more archery videos published on YouTube!
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